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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Community Collaborative

Economic Development and Corporate Training

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In today's global marketplace, workforce development efforts are becoming more and more in demand. To meet those needs, The Economic Development and Corporate Training division (EDCT) of San Bernardino Community College District has partnered with many companies and organizations within the Inland Empire to address workforce improvement and economic development needs through innovative approaches to education, career counseling, talent development, customized training and organizational performance.

This program provides support for Career and Technical Education (CTE) faculty and teacher professional development and support for the development and expansion of three areas of concentration: work-based learning, industry and business advisory committees, and student special population needs.

Governor's Career Technical Education Pathways

High schools and colleges are faced with numerous barriers to sustaining and developing CTE courses and pathways. In 2005, the Legislature provided $20 million to fund the Governor's Career Technical Education Pathways and Workforce Development Program to align K-12 career technical education with local community colleges, based on models consistent with the California Community Colleges' Economic and Workforce Development Program. The Program is also intended to improve education pathways and career-technical awareness for students enrolled in both systems. The community college system is assisting K-12 in building and aligning coordinated CTE pathways that lead to postsecondary programs of study to prepare students for high-skill jobs with high wages. The collaboration of both education systems has yielded positive and effective outcomes for students by providing them with information about careers, as well as experiences, which assist students in developing educational plans that relate to career as well as academic success. It is anticipated that much more will be accomplished as K-12 and Community Colleges continue to work together at the state, regional and local levels for the benefit of all Californians. Presently, the funding for this initiative is projected to be available through the year 2014.

Program Outcomes

  • Raise student awareness of Career and Technical Education (CTE) career pathways through career exploration activities
  • Provide information about CTE training opportunities at the high school and college level
  • Raise awareness of CTE academies at the high schools
  • Raise awareness of CTE majors' transfer options and preparation
  • Provide training to CTE faculty on work-based learning best practices
  • Update CTE curriculum to include best practices for work-based learning, industrial/business advisory committees, and special populations
  • Provide CTE faculty professional development for conducting above activities
  • Provide opportunities for CTE faculty externships and professional development

Pathways Maps and Resources

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This site includes Information on California high school and community college courses, career options, and financial assistance. It will help you make decisions about the right courses to take in high school and community college so that you have the opportunity to turn that passion of yours into a great job and a great future.

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