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Grant News

The Economic Development and Corporate Training (EDCT) Division has been awarded four competitive grants by state agencies to offer short-term job training for incumbent and unemployed workers beginning in November.

1)    Awarded $699,896 by the Employment Training Panel (ETP): The State of California ETP has awarded $699,896 to EDCT for providing human capital development for employers in the following areas: Business Skills, Commercial Skills, Computer Skills, Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing Skills, and Literacy Skills. Short-term job training will be provided for incumbent workers who are in the following occupations: Manufacturing, Maintenance, Warehouse, Administration, Operations, and Management. Current employees of eligible regional employers that are approved by ETP will receive the required training for a period of two years. The following employers will be served by this grant: Mattel, Cott Beverages, Inland Kenworth, OHL, Polymer Logistics, California Steel Inc. (CSI), 3M Abrasive Systems Divisions, Prime-Line Products, Sleep Innovations, and Leggett & Platt.

 2)   Awarded $350,000 Industry Driven Regional Collaborative (IDRC) Grant:  The EDCT won a $350,000 competitive grant from the Workforce and Economic Development Division of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to offer Nanotechnology Technicians training. The objective of this IDRC grant is to provide training with an emphasis in Nano-materials, Nano-energy, and Nano-medicine for 120 incumbent workers of emerging Nanotechnology and high technology industries in Southern California. Our partners in implementing this grant project are NASA Center for Nanotechnology, Molecular Guided Particle Systems (a Nano medicine company in Dominguez Hills), Kelly Space and Technology, Inc., the University of California, Riverside, the San Bernardino County WIB, the Riverside County WIB, NECA/IBEW, and Alliance for Education.

3)    Awarded $298,636 Responsive Training Fund (RTF) Grant:  The EDCT was awarded a $298,636 competitive grant from the Workforce and Economic Development Division of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The Objective of this grant is to provide training for 660 incumbent workers in the Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics industries and to implement Sustainable Lean Processes within the entire structure of their organizations to promote continuous workforce improvement and greater efficiency.  Our partners for this project are the following major manufacturing companies in the Inland Empire: California Steel Inc., Mattel Inc., Advanced Innovations West, Cott Beverages, Inc., Prime-Line Products, 3M Oak Hills, Leggett and Platt, OHL, Inland Kenworth (US), and Polymer Logistics.

4)    Awarded $219,494 Job Development Incentive Fund (JDIF) Grant:  The Workforce and Economic Development Division of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office awarded the EDCT a $219,494 competitive grant to offer Logistics training for unemployed, “working poor,” and veterans in this region.  This grant project will provide 75 unemployed and 105 incumbent workers the necessary skills and knowledge needed for working in logistics industry, including training in forklift operation. Successful participants will receive an industry recognized nationally-portable credential. Burlington Coat Factory, Dollar Tree, Kohl’s, Leggett and Platt, Mattel, Inc., and Penn Emblem are among the participating employers supporting our proposal.


CCCAOE Excellence in Leadership
Dr. Matthew K. Isaac, San Bernardino Community College District

Dr. Matthew K. Isaac is the Executive Director of the Economic Development and Corporate Training Division of the San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD). Hired in 1998 to provide leadership to build an Economic and Workforce Development Program, he has accomplished that by attracting grants from state and federal agencies to provide cost-free hands-on job training providing workforce skills and competencies.

He is characterized by, “His unbounded passion for providing access to higher education to under privileged students of the District. Stimulated by that passion, he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to gathering resources to get the job done.” “He has provided innovative strategy to provide short-term job training to displaced and long-term unemployed to move them to employment.”

Under Dr. Isaac’s leadership, the EWD program is a 99% self-supporting independent arm of SBCCD and has received $22 million dollars with a Return on Investment (ROI) of $66 million to the Region. From one full-time manager and a clerical person in 1998, the program today has grown to 10 full-time managers, 4 full-time support staff, 2 full-time consultants, 3 part-time support staff and about 25 professional expert trainers. In the past 13 years of his leadership, the EDCT division was recognized with Awards for offering unique training programs for the manufacturing industry. Dr. Isaac has received an award from the State Chancellor’s Office EWD for offering exemplary Economic Development programs.

We recognize Dr. Isaac today for his visionary, collaborative, innovative and skilled leadership. According to one of his nominators, “He thinks beyond the moment, leads by example, projects a great professional attitude, takes initiative to make things better, maintain constructive relationships, respects and encourages teamwork and above all, his integrity is paramount in everything.”