Economic Development and Corporate Training Division

Our Misssion

The mission of the Economic Development and Corporate Training (EDCT) is to stimulate the economic prosperity of the Inland Empire through workforce development. This mission will be achieved by:
a. offering customized training solutions that meets the human capital development needs of regional employers;
b. providing innovative job training to the workforce in emerging technologies and high growth areas to foster economic prosperity in the region;
c. providing labor market intelligence for California community colleges to respond to workforce training needs; and,
d. building partnerships to obtain local/state/federal funds necessary for preparing a highly skilled workforce through short-term training.

Collegial Consultation

Economic and Workforce Development Coordinating Committee

This committee shall have the responsibility for coordinating and aligning District responses to identified economic and workforce development needs. The committee shall review educational and training needs in the service area and recommend to the Chancellor the most appropriate blend of credit, non-credit, and not-for-credit programs and services to effectively address those needs. Existing offerings will be reviewed to ensure appropriate categorization based on current community needs and District goals for instructional programs. Training needs requiring rapid response will be primarily handled through the EDCT with updates provided to the committee on a regular basis. Credit and non-credit instruction shall be processed through the Colleges with requisite reviews and evaluation by the Academic Senates.


The Executive Director of the Economic Development and Corporate Training division will chair the Economic and Workforce Development Coordinating Committee. The Director of the Applied Technologies Training and the Workforce Development Manager of EDCT and the Chancellor or his/her designee shall be on the committee. California School Employees Association (CSEA) shall appoint a representative from classified staff. The President of each College will make a management appointment. Faculty appointments shall be made by the Presidents of the Academic Senates at each College. Members of this committee shall have involvement in occupational education and/or economic development programs.


All members are responsible for making regular reports to their respective organizations. The administrators responsible for Board Policy recommendations that come from the standing committees will forward recommendations to the District Assembly and appropriate constituent groups for review and the Chancellor will forward the final recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The minutes of this committee will be posted on the District Website.

Documents and Minutes

Meeting Description
Meeting Date
 Meeting  ATTC  May 15, 2014
Meeting  ATTC  September 25, 2014
Meeting Postponed 
Meeting   ATTC  October 23, 2014
Meeting Postponed