Good health and wellness is critical to the successful operation of any organization. To improve performance across the organization, it is essential to understand the current operating state. Understanding today's complex business landscape though often requires gathering a host of information about the organizational system.

To expedite this discovery process, EDCT has developed a rapid approach by which we can actually measure your organization's health and wellness - and do so effectively within only a few working days! Using our "RAP" approach, we begin by assessing your business environment and performing an extensive analysis of several performance factors. To achieve this objective, we utilize a variety of proven tools and project accelerators to complete the following activities:

  • Executive interviews - Conduct personal interviews with key stakeholders to understand individual perspectives about organizational performance
  • Feedback sessions - Facilitate larger focus group sessions to gather specific feedback from employee work groups
  • Process analysis - Create high-level process flow diagrams to document standard operating procedures and review basic work functioning
  • Climate survey - Administer an online survey to assess organizational climate and quickly gauge employee sentiments about the organization

By utilizing this disciplined approach to assessing organizational health and wellness, EDCT can deliver a summary report of key findings and conclusions in a very short amount of time. We also provide recommended solutions to improve performance across the organization and help you prioritize these specific opportunities by presenting an implementation roadmap to guide the initiative moving forward.